John Steiner: Impressions

John Steiner: Impressions

Philomuse is pleased to present Impressions, twenty new solo piano pieces from composer and pianist John Steiner. Recorded at Hoofhaven Studios in the Sierra Nevada, this collection of "musical haiku" reflects the peaceful ambience of the surrounding forest – several of the pieces were composed there.

Produced by J S Kingfisher; artwork by Kingfisher and photographer Hugh Shining Moon.

Track List

ambient canyon • summer green • rising high • calm • remembering • godspeed • breathe
comtemplation • song of the flowers • night sky • sage • shenandoah • in the stillness
peace of mind • mother ireland • way back when • the mystery • moonrise • prayer • unfolding

Notes by John Steiner

When I first decided to record Impressions, I compiled a list of about ten tracks. Some had come through my musical improvisations performed at the First Presbyterian Church of San Rafael and the  San Francisco Center for Spiritual Living. Others came from my musings at home or at other performances.

Like Into the Green, Impressions was recorded at Hoofhaven Studios in Camino, California. I estimate that I traveled to Camino about five times this past summer. I have become quite fond of the area. I feel very much at home with J S Kingfisher and Hugh, and with the evergreens, streams and rivers of the lower Sierras. There's a gentle quality to the region.

Around my second trip to Hoofhaven, it occurred to me to try composing on Kingfisher’s Schimmel grand piano. Until then, I had been recording only previously composed pieces. As anyone who plays an acoustic instrument knows, no two are alike. Hence, some of the new pieces didn't work as well on the Schimmel, as they were conceived on a different piano. So, I decided to try composing on the spot. I thought that since I was recording in the woods, why not let the nature all around speak through me? I would allow the piano's own voice to come through me.

The results were exciting. Many of the pieces on Impressions came through in the moment, with the Record button lit.

You may notice that many of the twenty compositions that make up Impressions are short, some around a minute or less. I refer to them as "haiku piano" musical snapshots.

As the CD title implies, they are impressions of my life experience. Sit back and enjoy!

John Steiner


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