About Philomuse

Philomuse was incorporated in 2002 as a wholesaler and retailer of the music, productions, and innovations of J S Kingfisher. It is operated by Kingfisher and his partner, singer and lyricist Dalibor Banovic.

The first CD release on Philomuse was Out of the Blue from pianist and composer John Steiner, which Kingfisher co-produced. Kingfisher's Muzoracle: The Tarot of Music and the Musician's Dice were released in 2008, after five years in development. In the first half of 2009, Philomuse released a second CD from John Steiner, Into the Green, and reissued Kingfisher's landmark 1998 album, Vesica Piscis. The end of the decade saw two more of Kingfisher's innovations,  Muzundrum: The Game of Musicians and the Solfége Dice, and Impressions, a third album from John Steiner.

Philomuse was on hiatus during 2011 and 2012 while Kingfisher dealth with health issues. On February 14, 2014, the company was back with the first single from Kingfisher's From the Moon to the Earth song cycle; 20 more singles would follow, one on each full moon. The entire cycle was released as a two-disc set in October, 2015.

2014—2015 also saw the release of three singles from Dalibor Banovic, which Kingfisher composed and produced. Planned for release in 2016 is a full album of Dalibor's music, an album of "new holiday classics" from Kingfisher, and an ongoing series of videos from From the Moon to the Earth.

Philomuse, Inc., is located in West Hollywood, California. Philomuse products are available online at the Philomuse Store, and at gift stores, book stores, and record shops worldwide. Resellers can purchase products from Philomuse directly, and from select distributors to the trade; please see the Philomuse for Retailers page for details.
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